Development Group History
  1. Matthew Diggst and Peter Denkar met Doug Couch online and discussed what AVP is about. Matthew and Peter expressed interest in beginning communications between Liberian volunteers and AVP, using Doug as liaison for information coordination. Matthew and Peter decided Peter would take a leading role.

  2. Matthew and Peter talked to people in the Paynesville area of Liberia, gaining their interest in participating when and if AVP workshops became available. A list of over 30 people was presented to Doug, and later photos were supplied as well (see "2 Volunteer Group Photos" and "3 Individual Photos").

  3. Inquiries about interest within the global AVP community were posted using the AVP-L and AVP-world list serves. Also, individual emails were sent to people in AVP-USA involved in international affairs, and to people in Africa and the United Kingdom who are involved in promoting peace projects and support toward AVP groups and efforts.

  4. Dave Zarembka of African Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI:, suggested contacting Abdul Kamara regarding the CPVC Proposal of projects (which includes AVP), which are in motion bringing peace process infrastructures to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana. Land was purchased and workcamps held, and facilities building was started. See Abdul for updates...QPNWA web site at

  5. Individuals interested in assisting and participating at various levels contacted Doug, and were put on a list to be kept in the loop of communication on updates re progress. A forum group was established and these people joined the list serv. Later, due to changes in free public groups policy, this web site group forum was discontinued.

  6. John Shuford of AVP-USA, who also runs a conflict resolution center, referred Ginny Bainbridge to Doug visited the folks in Paynesville, Liberia, returned to the USA and begun her own AVP training toward becoming a facilitator. She has expressed plans to return to Liberia in 2012 and begin working with people there to establish AVP.

  7. Because of the recent developments, largely brought about by Ginny's direct involvement and plans, additional inquiries were sent to the AVP list servs. People previously interested responded again, as well as others. Currently, in addition to Ginny and the volunteers in Liberia (who are waiting to begin with AVP), there are at least one lead facilitator and one or two additional facilitators who are interested in going to Liberia to assist in this project.

  8. Also due to these recent developments, David Zarembka has indicated that when these people reach a point of actualizing their plans and creating an AVP development group in Liberia, he will seek assistance from other trained facilitaors in other AVP groups in Africa, who have significant experience at AVP workshops tailored to African culture.

  9. In response to the recent forward motion in this development project's early stage, Doug has created a members only group forum at and this wiki on at The Google site is for list serv communications primarily. The wiki is for presenting a more organized overview, with files, photos and the more significant events chronology.

  10. January 18, 2011 - Ginny Bainbridge of Connecticut, USA, visited the AVP-Liberia Development group in Paynesville, introduced them to the LifeLine Liberia organization, and held an AVP-style mini-workshop for those interested. (Ginny was as yet untrained in AVP at this point.)

  11. July 11, 2011 - The QPNWA 2011 Report is now available. This focuses primarily on Sierra Leone, mentioning the plan to build facilities and create services in Liberia when Sierra Leone's projects are completed.

  12. Ginny Bainbridge made a return trip to Paynesville February 8, 2012 through the end of February and with assistance, held an AVP-style workshop. (Ginny has now completed a Basic AVP workshop and plans completing AVP facilitator training later in 2012.) She is planning another trip some time in 2013 to begin training Liberians in AVP process and begin groundwork toward building a sustainable AVP program there.

  13. Ginny Bainbridge with Maji Peterx of Nigeria facilitated a full series of AVP workshops in February 2013. These workshops were fully qualified as "AVP workshops" in three venues in Liberia.

  14. Maji Peterx and Grazyna Bonati of the United Kingdom facilitated a series of Basic level workshops in June 2013, allowing 11 of the 31 apprentices trained in February to assist in facilitation for further training. AVP-Liberia is now listed on the web site.

  15. Two Apprentice Facilitators from AVP-Liberia attended the African Regional Conference in Kenya.

  16. Ginny Bainbridge (USA), Maji Peterx (Nigeria) and Malesi (Kenya) provided workshops in February 2014 as the beginning of a plan to provide 10 workshops by August in Monrovia, Bong, & Margibi counties.

[end of update - March 5, 2014]