AVP-Liberia Project Development


The AVP-Liberia wiki at WikiSpaces.com is a repository for files and information of the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop training group in Liberia formed in February 2013. Also presented is historical information about the people and events involved in developing this program, centered in Paynesville during development since 2008. We also have a group at http://groups.googlegroups.com/group/avp-liberia, which is more for immediate communication. On that site, multiple comments on threads may accumulate making finding important information difficult. This wiki at http://avp-liberia.wikispaces.com provides a place to store important documents, decisions or plans, etc., where one can find them without wading through lots of posts. Please direct any questions regarding the online group, this wiki site or AVP-Liberia in general (not found elsewhere) to Doug Couch at couchdouglas@aol.com.

AVP Liberia trained 31 apprentice facilitators in February 2013, including completion of Basic, Advanced and Training for Facilitators workshops. 11 of these apprentices were able to facilitate a Basic workshop provided for others during June 2013 and more workshops are being planned in the future. For information on our program's early development, visit our Devel. Group History page.

As of this date, 19 September 2013: